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Top 22 Lamest Superheroes (Part 2)

Worst Super Heroes Ever

We’re looking at the lamest superheroes at the moment and following from yesterday’s countdown from 22 to 12, today we will unveil the 11 worst superheroes. It was a difficult to rank these appropriately as they are all so terrible.

11. Arm Fall Off Boy
A failed entrant into the Legion of Superheroes, his sole power was his ability to pull off his arm and use it as a weapon.


10. Fiddler
Although Fiddler looks and sounds like a paedophile, he actually uses his violin to hypnotize people. He can also use his music to create powerful sonic waves. Still crap.


9. Razorback
Firstly, Razorback is just a dude with a pig’s head that looks hideous and his “powers” are worse. He has an “innate ability to operate and drive any vehicle” as well as being “skilled mechanic and engineer”.


8. Bouncing Boy
Has the power to inflate like a ball and bounce.


7. Dogwelder
Remained silent most of the time, Dogwelder is a man in a welder’s mask who welds dead dogs on to the faces of evildoers.


6. The Red Bee
Apart from his horrendous outfit, the Red Bee didn’t actually have any powers. Instead he fought crime with the aid of a trained bumble bee named Michale who lived in his belt buckle. It sounds like it was thought of while someone was smoking some of the funny stuff.

the red bee

5. Squirrel Girl
With Squirrel-like abilities in tow, Squirrel Girl has the ability to communicate with squirrels.

squirrel girl

4. Eye Scream
Eye-Scream was born a mutant and at an early age discovered he had the “amazing” ability to turn into any flavor ice cream he wished.

eye scream

3. Color Kid
Handy in a colouring competition and that’s about it. Color Kid has the ability to change the colours of people and objects.

color kid

2. Aqualad
The much hated superhero of criminal dolphins everywhere, Aqualad can breathe underwater, can swim at superspeed, superstrength, can withstand underwater pressures. A brilliant supehero, if the entire world was underwater.


1. Leather Boy
A leather fetishist, Leather Boy wore a studded collar; leather chaps; a leather flat cap; and even had a ball gag in his mouth. He was refused entry into the Great Lake Avengers and has been an arch nemesis since.



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