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FBI’s most wanted child porn suspect is captured

FBI's most wanted child porn suspect is captured in Nicaragua

Eric Justin Toth, one of the FBI’s most wanted men has been captured by police in Nicaragua. Toth was sought on child pornography charges and was taken into custody in the northern city of Esteli over the weekend.

According to Sky News the former schoolteacher and camp counsellor had been living in the city under an assumed name since October. Nicaraguan national police chief Aminta Granera said that Toth resisted arrest but did not detail how. It is believed he was subdued and has since been transferred to Managua ahead of extradition. He is expected to be deported imminently.

Toth has been on the FBI’s most wanted list since April of last year when he infamously took Osama Bin Laden’s spot. The Washington Post reports that Toth has been on the run for almost five years after officials at Washington National Cathedral ‘s Beauvoir elementary school found explicit photos of a student on a camera assigned to him. Toth disappeared before police could catch up with him for questioning.

He is accused of taking sexually explicit photos of a boy at the victim’s home in 2007. Toth is also accused of installing a hidden video camera in his third-grade class’s bathroom and using it to record students. He was indicted on charges of producing child pornography and warrants were issued for his arrest but he remained one step ahead of the police despite a $100,000 reward for information leading to his arrest, until now.

Toth will now be deported back to the US where he will face the charges against him.


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