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Riot Grrrl still inspiring women

UL to host riot grrrl symposiumUniversity of Limerick to hold a one day symposium on the influence of riot grrrl for women and rock music.

In the early 90′s riot grrrl paved the way for women in rock music. In a male dominated scene, these women prevailed and inspired a movement of women all across the world to pick up their guitars or drumsticks and pen some songs. Fronted by Kathleen Hanna, Toby Vail and Molly Neuman and largely influenced by Courtney Love, riot grrrl took over the rock scene creating a new sound from empowered women which still remains today.

Tomorrow the University of Limerick will hold a one day symposium from 11am to 11.30 pm. The event is organised by the department of sociology who have previously ran similar successful symposiums on Morrissey, The Smiths and David Bowie. The theme of tomorrows event is “women in rock music” and will feature papers, a documentary screening and a public interview with the band Girl In A Coma who will also play a gig s part of the event at Dolan’s Warehouse Limerick.

The women in the riot grrrl movement wrote their own musical history and took over punk rock. This feminist power is still reflected in music today with Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Rhianna dominating the charts.

Don’t Need You: The Herstory of Riot Grrrl will be screened at the event which is set to be both interesting and entertaining. The tickets are free but you have to book them here.


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