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Steve Collins granted boxing licence following 16 year absence from ring


Collins amendedFormer middleweight boxing champion Steve Collins has been granted a boxing licence, bringing his comeback bout with Roy Jones Junior a step closer.

The 48-year-old Dubliner has also stated that the American fighter has agreed to the match.  Cold water had been poured on the possible grudge by Collins’ brother Roddy last month, though it now appears as if the fight is likely to be back on.

Collins announced the bout back in January – 16 years after his professional retirement.

There’s been some doubt since then as to whether the two men would ever enter the ring together. Last month, the boxer’s brother – football manager Roddy Collins – told the Irish Examiner the encounter was “never going to happen”.

Following today’s development, the question of financial backing and TV rights still remains.

Collins has indicated that venues in Eastern Europe are being looked at for the match.

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