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Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky found dead



A Russian billionaire who survived a number of assassination attempts (including one which claimed the life of his driver) has been found dead in suspicious circumstances in Britain.

The businessman had been an outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin’s Russia and went from Kremlin power-broker to pariah, leaving Russia to take up asylum in the United Kingdom. He was found dead in his home in Surrey today.

Mr Berezovsky shot back into the spotlight last year when he lost billions in a lawsuit against Roman Abramovich, claiming that the Chelsea owner had intimidated him into making a bad business deal.

A former advisor to Boris Yeltsin, Berezovsky made his fortune selling cars after the collapse of the USSR before moving into media. He was instrumental in the rise of a former KGB agent called Vladimir Putin to power in the new Russia but fled for England when Putin’s uncompromising stance against Russia’s mega-rich conflicted with his interests. From there, he became a harsh critic of Putin’s and was targeted several times for attack, though it is unclear who his assailants were.

Police in Ascot say they are investigating the circumstances around a 67-year-old man’s death but have not released .


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