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Baywatch girls running in slow-motion - the greatest hits

Pull up a chair and unwind with a two minute video of all the Baywatch girls running around a beach. You’ll be entertained by Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson and a whole host of other women that are completely out of your league.

David Hasselhoff has lived a wonderful life. He spent the prime of his life hanging out with some of the world’s most adventurous women. The man was Michael Knight as well! He did have that pizza fiasco but I doubt he really cares considering the acres of wank bank material the man must possess.

Top tip: Just because the video is two minutes long doesn’t mean you can’t replay it on a continuous loop. You’re not being a pervert, you’re just appreciating talented women. 

Image courtesy of funscrape.com; Video courtesy of toptenlisthq


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