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Football Shame, Dutch Linesman Attacked and Killed During Youth Game

A Dutch Linesman, who was attacked by players during a Youth Team game in the Nederlands has died after being rushed to hospital.

Richard Nieuwenhuizen, affiliated with the Buitenboys Club, was kicked and punched by players from Amsterdam club Nieuw Sloten

3 players from Nieuw Sloten have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the attack. The club has also banned the 3 players in question, withdrawn from the league and suspended all operations as a club for the time being. The Amsterdam side later issued a statement saying, ”The board of sv Nieuw-Sloten learned with horror of the death of the linesman of Buitenboys.

“We are deeply shocked by the fact that the match yesterday degenerated so badly, with this result.

“We express here our sympathy, firstly to the family of the deceased person. Words fail us. In addition, we also express our sympathy to the Buitenboys club and all its members.

“We distance ourselves strongly from the behaviour of the players who are responsible. As an association, when we were aware of wrongdoing, we apologised to Buitenboys.

“We will of course fully co-operate with the police investigation. We believe that those who are responsible for this act should be punished.”

To think kids of this age are capable of doing something like this, not on a street corner, but on the field of play, is shocking.

A dark day for football indeed..


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