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Just Published on http://www.theclassybohemian.com/welcome-to-tcb/Welcome to TCBShare on Facebook.Share on Twitter.Share on Google+Pin It!Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam at sapien vel nunc feugiat placerat. Quisque vel consequat enim. Donec ullamcorper, mauris sed commodo eleifend, lorem sem consequat magna, vel tristique dolor tellus ut lorem. Quisque eu luctus dolor, non condimentum felis. Nunc vel urna viverra, accumsan urna commodo, commodo mauris. Vestibulum porttitor, lectus non rhoncus imperdiet, elit tellus consectetur neque, non auctor nulla metus eu lacus. In id vulputate orci, feugiat blandit libero. Donec euismod arcu magna, sed convallis purus ultricies quis. Quisque a tincidunt tortor. Aliquam lacus massa, pulvinar at faucibus non, condimentum ac nisi. Aliquam placerat, est sit amet laoreet ultricies, elit purus vestibulum massa, in semper ipsum dolor vel nisl. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Suspendisse ultrices vulputate vehicula. Vestibulum tristique diam elit, eget blandit magna aliquam at. Nam nec nisl quis urna volutpat tempus rutrum a justo. Nulla lobortis consectetur purus, eget accumsan nisl commodo quis.
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Just Published on http://www.theclassybohemian.com/first-post/First PostShare on Facebook.Share on Twitter.Share on Google+Pin It!Welcome to The Classy Bulgarian.  Erm, I mean Classy Bohemian! 
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Just Published on http://fecktv.com/10-weird-photos-people-shouldnt-upload-to-the-internet/10 weird photos people shouldn’t upload to the internetShare on Facebook.Share on Twitter.Share on Google+Pin It!Sometimes the results that Google churn out really do leave us stumped. Why people think it is a good idea to upload such photos is beyond me. Regardless though, they do raise a smile so we’ve collected 10 weird photos that have jumped out at us recently…
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Part 2
Click HERE for Part 1

11. Terry Butcher goes through the wars in Sweden to clinch a World Cup place for England

12. Vinnie Jones gets to grips with Gazza

13. Frankie Dettori jumps for joy at an incredible day at Royal Ascot. The Italian rode every winner on the card that day in 1996

14. GAA chiefs issue a not so subtle change of security plan at Croke park in Dublin

15. Maradona’s “Hand of God” v England at the World Cup 1986

16. Mike Tyson gets a taste of Evander Holyfield in June 1997

17. Zidane headbutts Marco Materazzi in extra time of the 2006 World Cup Final.

18. Lance Armstrong wins his 7 Tour de France …. full of juice

19. South Africa’s Oscar Pistorius becomes first amputee to compete at an Olympics. The “Bladerunner” is now on out on bail facing murder charges after the death of girlfriend Reeva Steenkampf at his South African home

20. The 1972 massacre at the Olympics in Munich. One of the saddest days in the history of organised sport.
Just Published on http://fecktv.com/20-most-iconic-photographs-in-sports-history-part-1/20 Most Iconic Photographs in Sports History (Part 1)Share on Facebook.Share on Twitter.Share on Google+Pin It!Whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words wasn’t lying.
These photos help you recall some of the greatest moments in sport, and if you don’t remember, they will make you feel like you do.
From Ali to Maradona, Jessie Owens to Oscar Pistorius, this is a trip down sports memory lane.
1. Maradona  1982 World Cup – Argentine master attacks with 6 Belgian players trying to stop him

2. Ali v Liston – “Get up and fight sucka”

3. Roger Bannister becomes the first man to run a sub 4 – minute mile, at Oxford University in 1956

4. Manchester United’s Eric Cantona Kung-Fu kicks mouthy Crystal Palace fan at Selhurst Park in 1995

5. They could barely see anything, but these University of Pittsburgh students watched the Pirates beat the NY Yankees to win their first World Series in 35 years from the roof of a nearby tower in 1960.

6. Michael Jordan wins his first NBA Championship in 1991. It perfectly shows how much this meant to a man who would go on to become arguably the greatest sports person of all-time

7. Jessie Owens takes 4 gold medals in Nazi Germany 1936, outrunning Hitler’s Aryan “super-race.”

8. 1968 Olympic ”Black Power” salute

9. 1994 Benetton Formula One pit-stop fire

10. Nelson Mandela presents SA captain, Francois Pienaar with the Webb Ellis World Cup in 1995

Click HERE for part 2
Just Published on http://fecktv.com/10-reasons-why-sex-is-good-for-you/10 reasons why sex is good for youShare on Facebook.Share on Twitter.Share on Google+Pin It!Sex is that good for you that you should be doing it all the time. Who needs to pay sky high doctors fees when you can just get a fuck buddy. Relationships aside, a fuck buddy is all anyone really needs.
Here are the top 10 reasons why sex is good for you.
1. It makes you healthy and happy. People who are more sexually active take less sick leave.
2. Sex makes pain go away. Research has shown that sex can lessen aches and pains. So next time she is complaining of not feeling like it because she has a headache, land her with this fact.
3. Research in New York has discovered that women who have sex without a condom are happier than those who use them. The study found that women who were directly exposed to semen were less depressed.
4.  Sex burns calories, in fact thirty minutes of sex burns 85 calories. I’d rather have a half hour of sex that half hour on a cross trainer for sure. So maybe spending your money on a prostitute rather than a personal trainer is a more fun and beneficial way of losing weight.
5.  Doing it helps you sleep better. Yup a good shag and you will nod right off. The oxytocin released during orgasm helps with sleep. Next time you get in trouble for falling asleep after sex just remind your partner that they helped you sleep, it is a good thing.
6. Sex reduces stress. People with active sex lives are less anxious and less hostile. Sex makes you relax and take life a little easier.
7. Sex makes you happier than money. A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that couples who had frequent sex were as happy as they would be if they earned an extra $100,000.
8. Sex can make you look younger and live longer. Research has found that having sex several times a week can make people look four to seven years younger. It makes you wonder what your grandparents were up to all those years.
9. Sex can help depression. Taking medicine for an illness like depression is not the only cure. Regular exercise and stress have been altering moods long before drugs came along.
10. Do you really need ten reasons to have sex? Just go do it.
Just Published on http://fecktv.com/11-of-the-coolest-job-titles/11 of the coolest job titlesFor some people, job titles are very important. The people below have some of the coolest job titles. You never see the job adverts for these, which is a shame.

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How To Write A Sex Scene

Hello there. I was reading an article lately which had various excerpts of erotic scenes from actual novels. The article was entitled ‘How Not To Write A Sex Scene’ (http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2008/nov/25/bad-sex-award-shortlist) and displayed some pathetically awful attempts at writing an honest, heartfelt account of the act of lovemaking. So, seeing as I am something of the hopeless romantic, I decided I’d show these writers how it’s friggin done.

How To Write A Sex Scene:

From the look in her eyes and the pressing together of her big, flabby knees, I knew she was keen for it. She didn’t have to say anything. In fact, she bit her lower lip, signalling that she was ready. It had been coming a long time. I took her head in my hands, caressing her thick, blonde hair. Like patting a fine-coated Golden Retriever. Good girl, I thought.

Who’s a good girl? I said aloud.

I am, she replied.

I kissed her mouth and buried my tongue inside, like a drill boring for oil. But instead I struck something much sweeter. Her saliva flooded into my mouth and it tasted like forbidden honey. Like manna to the Jews, wandering through that desert all those years.

I took a step back then, and grabbing her shirt with two hands, ripped it open like a much-anticipated Christmas present, sending the buttons bouncing and scattering all over the wooden floor. This show of raw manly strength only increased her need to have me inside her, now. Slipping the remaining fragments of her shirt off with ease, I undid her bra with one hand. With two fingers to be precise. And once it fell to the floor like a fallen log, it was these two exact fingers which dropped between her legs, ascending up her skirt, bypassing her moist knickers and lodging themselves firmly inside her pulsating satchel.

With my thumb, I kept the knickers at bay. She moaned while I kissed her bullet-like nipples and stuck the index finger of my spare hand in her right ear, rubbing the lobe between my middle finger and thumb.

I continued pumping the other two fingers, like a child poking at a tub of Play-Doh. She was in convulsions. I took the hand from her ear and ran it down her thick neck and continued down to her plump belly which I squeezed tight, until I found her ribs. These, I pressed firmly and her legs tightened around me. I kissed her enormous breasts for some time, my head being in there so long now that the abundance of skin and flab had caused me to sweat uncontrollably, like a dyslexic on Countdown. I shook my head from side to side, giving her a good dousing. She said my name, Oh Roderick.

Yes? I said, looking up at her.

You sure know how to make a girl squirm.

I took that as a compliment and began to work my way down, pulling her skirt off and flinging it over my head. It crashed into something behind me with a loud thud but I was too excited to care. Removing my hand from deep within her (my wrist had long gone dead) I slipped off her underwear and stretched them out before me. They were big enough to wrap around a spruce tree. This only enticed me further. I lifted up her massive legs and placed them around my shoulders, the weight forcing me down, level with her treasure chest. I approached it with my face, blindly, like a ship in the night whose sails are caught up in a gale, hurtling towards her with my tongue. The taste struck the pallet wonderfully, like a salmon sandwich on a summer’s day. I bobbed my head forwards and back and got so caught up in the motion it was like a chubby toddler bouncing endlessly on a trampoline, her being the mat, my head the toddler.

Finally, I knew it was time. I stood before her, erect, my penis a proud cucumber, only not green and cold, pink and steaming hot. More like a cooked parsnip, I suppose.

Angelina, I said.

Yes, she groaned.

Will you take me, to be your lawfully wedded husband?

I do, she said.

And with that I entered her forcefully, We kissed again, now drenched in sweat and other bodily fluids. She reached her tongue down my throat and although I felt I may choke, it was like she was breathing a new life into me. I felt happy. I pounded away while she remained seated on the green felt of her father’s poker table and when I came I released everything inside of her. My semen, yes, but also my deepest desires, my inner-most secrets and you, my son.

So, you see, boy, that is how I proposed to your mother, and how you were brought into this world. Aren’t you glad you asked? Incidentally, it’s also where granddad’s poker table got that nasty stain from.

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Which Brand Of TV it proper for u?

1. Comprehend the distinction between kinds of Televisions. The 3 most typical kinds of lcd Televisions are Plasma, Brought, and LCD. [1] These kinds are described the following: Plasma Televisions produce a picture by delivering an electric charge that’s put on a little sheet of small plasma cells. LCD Televisions are comprised of liquid very compressed between two glass plates and backed with a fluorescent light. Whenever you apply an electric charge towards the very, a picture is produced. Brought Televisions act like Liquid crystal displays, but rather than while using fluorescent light, they will use 100s of very distributed LEDs.

2. Compare contrast ratios. Contrast ratio describes your TV’s capability to display vibrant and dark images simultaneously. The greater the contrast ratio, the greater the image quality can look. In case your TV includes a poor contrast ratio, you’ll lose detail in very vibrant and very dark moments. Although this is not often a huge deal, it’s really a element in deciding. Generally, plasma tvs possess the best contrast ratios. Backlit Brought televisions are available in close second. Edge-lit Brought televisions and LCD televisions may have slightly lower contrast ratios. Most LCD screens start in a contrast ratio of approximately 600:1, while plasma screens start at 1,000:1. Both types can achieve as much as 10,000:1. However, because there’s no standard measure for contrast ratio is available at this time around, producers often do too much the particular creation of their TV models. Consult product critiques for further checks. Additionally to greater contrast ratios, search for good picture quality on black colors. While brightness could be modified, many LCD screens have a problem creating deep shades of black, which can lead to an image that seems faded.

3. Consider how good each TV type handles fast motion. Should you watch lots of fast-paced sports, a plasma television might be your best choice, given that they show the smoothest motion. However, LCD and Brought Televisions have enhanced greatly within this area within the last 5 years, and therefore are both relatively proficient at showing motion. Observe that plasma Televisions risk being permanently broken by “static images,” for example network logos or status controls on game titles. These images present a bad risk of burn-for the reason that permanently alters the screen.

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